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Bryson Gray Releases Song About Hunter Biden’s iCloud Being Hacked

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Bryson Gray the recording artist of the hit song “Let’s Go Brandon” has just dropped another banger.

Gray’s new song is about Hunter Biden’s iCloud being hacked.

In the opening line, Gray raps “you know what’s really wild that your own son is calling you a pedophile”.

Bryson is referring to the leaked messages from Hunter’s phone which revealed he had someone’s contact saved on his phone as “Pedo Peter”.

Many speculate that Pedo Peter is referring to Biden considering he previously emailed Hunter with the Pseudonym Peter Henderson

In the song, Bryson has several one-liners that are hysterical too.

One of the lines was “Biden Loves Minors is the real BLM”.

Listen to it here:

Users on Twitter really liked the song:

Do you like Bryson’s new song?

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