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BRILLIANT! Meet The World’s First “Trans-Vaccinated Person”…

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I’ve been saying for a long time that the Left is never smart enough to see 3 steps into the future.

They weave these complicated webs of lies and deception and mental nonsense, never thinking it will eventually boomerang back on themselves.

And it just boomeranged in the most spectacular way possible.

Meet the world’s first “Trans-vaccinated person”.

Say what, you ask?

Well, this guy just produced an absolutely brilliant piece of satire where he explains that if men can be women and women can be men and you can basically “identify” as anything you want even if there is no basis for it in reality, then he has decided that he was born a “non-vaccinated” person and in order to comply with all the mandates and the vaccine nonsense he is identifying as vaccinated — even though he isn’t.


And brilliant.

Watch here on Rumble:

Do you support the worlds first “trans-vaccinated” man?

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