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Breitbart News Editor Adrienne Ross Launches Podcast

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Breitbart News head copy editor Adrienne Ross has launched a weekly podcast called The Adrienne Ross Show, which listeners may access on The BMG Network as well as major podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, and more. Her pilot and first episodes went live Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

As a columnist; author; former public school teacher; and certified speaker, trainer, and coach, Adrienne is known for using the spoken and written word to provoke thought, challenge ideologies, and, yes, hit some nerves. She brings this same spirit to her podcast, refusing to hold back on issues relevant to today’s culture. Her first episode, for example, entitled “#BlackLove and White Privilege,” puts it all out there, and those who tune in can expect this kind of in-your-face perspective every week.

Unlike podcasters who have a particular lane in which they operate, Adrienne will not remain in one lane; she refuses to be put in a box. This is a podcast for multifaceted people who can handle a multitude of topics: politics, faith, freedom, family, sports, and more. A to Z, Adrienne is on it!

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Adrienne Ross is a Breitbart News Network editor; columnist; educator; John Maxwell-certified speaker, trainer, and coach; and owner of Adrienne Ross Communications.

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