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Brand New, Hank Kunneman on FlashPoint May 20, 2021

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I’ve had a bunch of people emailing me recently asking for an update from Pastor Hank Kunneman.

I’m with you, he’s a favorite of mine.

And I’ve got the update for you!

Here’s the good news: he hasn’t gone anywhere, and he hasn’t changed what he’s saying.

He’s holding strong to what God told him and he’s not wavering or backing down.

Also, I recently found out that if you haven’t seen FlashPoint recently, it’s because they took it down from YouTube.

They are now posting it exclusively over at Rumble.

And I’ve got the most recent episode for you!

This is Hank Kunneman, Mario Murillo and Lance Wallnau.

I am actually posting this BEFORE I’ve had a chance to watch it myself, so you don’t get any of my notes on this one.

I just wanted to get it out as soon as possible, and I’ll be watching it later today.

So….today YOU get to help me write this article!

As you watch, please take your favorite comments from Hank, Mario and Lance and put them down below in the comments!  I will read them later and see how you did! 😊

Please enjoy, from Rumble:

Top comments (and then scroll down to add yours):

Leave your comment below on what you found to be the biggest statements from Hank, Mario and Lance…. 👇

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