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BOYCOTT Any Company with the Celebrity-Endorsed Globalist WELL Health-Safety Seal

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What exactly is the WELL Healthy-Safety Rating?

And what’s with the little seal trending on social media?

Take a peak at this advertisement:

That’s some dystopian level stuff right there.

In order for customers to “feel safe” inside your establishment, you need a dorky little seal displayed on your window?

Some might ask, what’s wrong with that?

They’re just practicing measures to protect their patrons from COVID-19?

What could ever be wrong with that?

But look at the companies & organizations promoting this seal and it has globalist scam written all over it.


T Mobile

JP Morgan Chase

Professional sports organizations like the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs, and Cleveland Cavaliers are also clients.

What about small businesses that are struggling to make ends meet?

They’re eligible for the nifty seal, right?

Sure, but for a hefty fee.

This is a globalist racket designed to destroy small businesses even further than lockdowns did the past year.

And it’s disguised as a noble effort to keep patrons safe in the COVID-19 era.

All this will do is extort money from small businesses and make it impossible for them to operate.

Therefore, funneling more money to the global elite.

And you can bet these seal-approved companies will enforce dystopian rules on their patrons in the name of “safety.”

These establishments will certainly be the ones that require you to have a vaccine passport before entering the venue.

Expect digital everything and you can kiss privacy goodbye.

All for safety, right?

No, it’s only for control.

And this is how they want to dictate what stores you can shop at, sporting events you can attend, and schools your children enroll.

If they can track the places you conduct commerce, they’ll keep all the money and resources in the hands of the elite.

And the working class will never be able to conduct their own businesses the way they see fit.

From RedState:

Remember when people posited those might be coming and people pooh-poohed it as a conspiracy theory?

The vaccine passports are already underway in New York State to get into events. With theirs, you have an app with a QR code on your phone that is then scanned showing that you have been vaccinated before you can get in.

Folks on both sides of the political aisle are raising a lot of concerns about the vaccine passport idea. Democrat and Clinton supporter Naomi Wolf is concerned about the government having your health information and, in essence, then being able to dictate where you can and can’t go. She’s also concerned that then there is a platform and precedent to load anything onto that platform that could potentially lead to something like a social credit system and control like the CCP has. Then there’s the World Health Organization, who you would think would be for it but have actually come out against it largely because of the “inequity” of people who may not be able to have access to vaccines being locked out. Not to mention a whole raft of privacy and constitutional questions.

But now there’s more and all the “right” (really meaning “liberal”) celebrities are pitching it. The “Well Health Safety Seal.”

This is a major effort to get businesses to sign aboard to get this “seal.” Let’s hear from those celebrities that someone thinks are trustworthy on health matters including J Lo and Robert De Niro. Plus, there’s also a former U.S. Surgeon General, Richard Carmona, who’s on board with this too.

It’s basically saying that this business has complied with a variety of different practices so that you can “feel better” going into a store/business.

The impact of COVID-19 in relation to the places where we live, work, learn and play is unprecedented: offices, restaurants, stores, venues, schools, industrial facilities, residential common areas, places of worship and space types of all kinds have been closed across the world, in some cases for months. As these spaces and places begin to re-open, people across the world are wondering whether it is safe to return. Organizations seeking to navigate the impacts of COVID-19 are faced with important decisions about when and how to restore their operations, how to support the safety of occupants and employees, and how to prepare for the inevitable changes to their facilities over the coming months. The WELL Health-Safety Rating is designed to help guide organizations to evidence-based best practices for operating through this crisis, as well as for long-term preparedness on other critical health and safety issues.

By the way, this seal isn’t free. It’s a graduated price depending on how big and how many people the business is dealing with, up to thousands of dollars. All that for a sticker on your window, that’s some operation. Going to guess that most small businesses aren’t going to sign aboard this when they’re already likely stretched to the limit because of lockdown rules.

But this is where we take a stand.

The ones who value freedom & personal choice anyway.

If you see any establishment with this globalist seal, boycott them.

Don’t give them a penny.

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