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Boris Epshteyn Says Arizona Audit Will Show “HUGE SWING” of Votes!

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Huge news coming out of Arizona!

We all now we are on the cusp of the Audit Results being released to the public.

They have now been delivered to the Arizona Senate.

And reports are starting to leak about just how massive this is!

On his show this morning, Boris Epshteyn said we are about to see a “HUGE SWING” of votes confirmed.

How huge?

Enough to steal the state away from Trump.

Here’s what he told The Gateway Pundit:

During a discussion with Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit on his “Tomorrow’s News Today” show and he revealed two things:

One: Jovan told Joe Hoft the Arizona forensic audit report will be delivered to the Arizona Senate on Friday.

Two: Jovan Pulitzer told Joe Hoft this morning the results of the audit will be earth-shattering!

Watch the full clip here on Rumble:

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