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Booster Passports Are The Future For Australia

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Australia has plunged into a medical fascist state in 2021.

The downward spiral of the Land Down Under from a free society into a police state has shocked the world.

Their regime has relentlessly pushed for citizens to receive the experimental COVID-19 injections for life to return to ‘normal.’

They’ve locked citizens in their homes, placed people inside camps, and police committed disgusting brutality against innocent civilians.

This was the latest act of police brutality in Melbourne over the weekend:

Sadly, life will never return to normal if Aussies don’t stand up against this tyranny.

Victoria Premier Dan Andrews arrogantly discussed the future for Aussies.

Watch below:

Australia will follow the Israel model.

Never-ending boosters to prove you’re “fully-vaccinated.”

We’ve seen how well that has worked in Israel.

Israel has one of the highest COVID-19 infection rates in the world and Israelis are now banned from visiting many countries.

This is the path Nazi Australia wants for its citizens.

A ‘pandemic’ that never ends to cling onto power.

Make no mistake, this never-ending cycle of boosters is the desired model for every country.

Even though the FDA Advisory Panel shot down boosters for most Americans last week, I don’t think it prevents widespread boosters from rolling out in America.

Australia’s fascist regime is simply cockier right now with their current stranglehold on its citizens.

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