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BLM Mob Descends On Lori Lightfoot’s Neighborhood, Clash With Chicago Police

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In a tale that’s rife with irony, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot apparently had the police come to her neighborhood to protect her from the violent BLM mobs that she has spurred on. This was after she criticized this same police force earlier in the day regarding the Adam Toledo shooting.

The crowd chanted “Hey hey, ho ho, Lori Lightfoot’s got to go!” as the march started.

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Note all of the Mexican flags:

As the mobs started to descend on the Logan Square neighborhood where Lori lives, the police eventually intervened:

Radical leftist Lori Lightfoot is no longer far left enough to satisfy the raging mobs.

You may recall at one point last year Lightfoot ordered the police to ban protests from her neighborhood, which was met with harsh criticism from others on her block, calling the charade Fort Lori.


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