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Biden Tells Border Patrol Agents To DISARM Before Meeting Him!

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Not much Joe Biden does surprises me anymore, but this was a new low.

A new surprise low.

If you’re wondering how he can do anymore more reprehensible than he’s already done, how about this?

How about telling our wonderful men and women of the Border Patrol that they have to DISARM before meeting him?

Can you even believe that?

I have several questions…

One, what is he afraid of?

I bet Joe Biden is scared of a military coup at every turn.

So it kind of makes sense.

Second, did he really expect anyone to listen to him?

Here’s the best part: almost no one did!

They all just went home, and refused to meet him….problem solved!

Watch here:

And in case that gets deleted from Twitter, which it probably will, I have a backup.

Watch here safely on Rumble:

Curious what everyone thinks…

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