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Biden Tells Americans Several Races Will be Called Days After Election (WATCH)

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On Wednesday, Joe Biden used the Office of the President to smear Republicans days before the 2022 midterm elections.

Biden attacked President Trump, Republicans, and MAGA supporters.

Biden’s closing remarks included: “There are over 300 election deniers on the ballot this year. This is not about me. It’s about all of us.”

At one point during his speech, Biden warned Americans that it will take several days to call elections.

There’s no excuse for results not being available on election night.

Joe Biden told Americans to be patient waiting for results.


Joe Biden: “You know that many states don’t start counting ballots until after the polls close on November 8th. That means in some cases we won’t know the winner in the election for a few days, until a few days after the election. It takes time to count all legitimate ballots in a legal and orderly manner. It’s always been important for citizens in a democracy to be engaged. Now it’s important for citizens to be patient.”

Will Democrats attempt to steal this election?

Watch via Rumble:

Tucker Carlson responded:

Pennsylvania already warned of delays counting midterm votes.

Here We Go Again! Pennsylvania Secretary of State Warns of ‘Delays’ Counting Midterm Votes

Watch Joe Biden’s full speech below:

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