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Biden Snaps and Seems Very Irritated That Someone Fainted At His “Rally”

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Ok, “Rally” may be a bit of a stretch.

After all, we never see the crowd.

Is it like 2020 when it was 9 people in those giant circles?

And 8 of them were Biden family members?

Anyway, I digress…

But watch the anger and the disdain that boils up from this despicable excuse of a man when a medical emergency happens:

Backup video here:

He seems so mad:

I love this one…

Didn’t faint, fell asleep from boredom:

You can tell they are outside a house…the White House?

Biden’s vacation house?

How many people you think can fit there?


Meanwhile, President Trump hosts his rallies in airport hangers and stadiums!

Here’s a contrast for you:

President Trump: “I am the MAGA King!”

This is so good…

Hang with me if you don’t like the title, you’ll love it when you see the clip.

So here is Trump up on stage at a huge MAGA Rally in PA last night and he’s talking about how they try to label him MEGA MAGA or the MAGA King…and as soon as he says MAGA King the crowd erupts with applause!

Being the ultimate showman, he knows when he’s landed upon a winner and he pauses to take a moment.

If I were there I would have cheered too!

Awesome clip, watch this:

Backup here:

Also, you have to see this…

What a contrast, right?

I mean, a BIBLICAL contrast!

Watch this:

Got a question for you, should Trump run again?

Some actually say no.

What do you say? 👇

Now let me make something clear…

We don’t follow Trump as a king.

We don’t worship him as a savior.

He would be the first person to tell you that.

Remember this?

President Trump Gives All Honor and Praise To Jesus Christ [TWICE Now]

I just saw this shared by our good friends over at il Donaldo Trumpo…you guys are awesome!

And after seeing this posted by them, I realized I had to share it with you.

Because here’s something I hear quite a bit…

I hear people saying: “I like Donald Trump’s policies, I just don’t agree with his tone or the way he says things.”

And my response is always two-fold:

(1) without a tone that cuts through the filter of the MSM, Donald Trump would never have beat 17 Republican challengers and dethroned the house of Bush, the house of Clinton and now the house of Cheney.

So I have no problem with his “tone” whatsoever.

In fact, I think we need more people who speak honestly and speak truth to power, not just whisper lies that your ears want to hear but then have no intention of actually doing them.

When people say they don’t like his “tone”, all I hear is:  “we love being lied to by politicians because they speak so sweetly with forked tongues and it makes us feel so good and then we forget that everything they’ve ever said turns out to be a lie.”

Sorry folks, I’ll take the “mean tone” together with TRUTH all day long.

That’s (1).

(2) I always wonder, have you ever actually listed to Donald Trump?  Ever actually listened to a full rally?  Ever listened to a full interview?

Because for those of that have, we continually see a man who has a tough exterior when he needs to be tough, but deep down truly a heart of gold.

Truly a “gentle giant”.

And there is no better example of this than the recent clip shared by il Donaldo.

Watch as President Trump says “our country needs a savior…and it has one”.

Now, everyone in the room is expecting “arrogant Trump” to say it’s him.

But that’s not what he says at all.

He says very clearly that it’s someone “much higher up than him.”

So good.

Watch on Rumble:

Think that was a one-off?

Just saying that because he was in church?

Think again.

Here is yet another clip of President Trump giving all honor and credit to “the Boss…..Jesus Christ!”

Joe Biden has “10% for the Big Guy”.

President Trump says “we still need help from The Boss!”

Watch here on Rumble:

And there’s always one guy who ruins the party right?

The Poindexter.

The Dork.

Well, today the Dork Award goes to “NotSorry” who posted this:

Yeah bud, that was a 12 second clip.

For the full 2 minute clip, you’ll see he says exactly that: all honor goes to Jesus Christ!

And then he says while laughing: “and it’s not even close!”

You gotta love it.

You just gotta love that big smile!!!

Watch the FULL clip here on Rumble:

Don’t you miss this?

I know I do!

Mr. Trump, it’s time to come back!

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