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Biden Short Circuits As His Regime All But Crumbles

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The loss of moral authority is real folks.

People from all across the political spectrum are openly mocking the Biden regime, and I have seen this film before during a 2013 visit to Egypt—just months before the people ousted the Muslim Brotherhood and toppled the government.

The sentiment in America is much the same as the sentiment was in Egypt during 2013—people are fed up, openly and brazenly defying the government, and openly ridiculing the ‘President‘ as an imbecile.

What most people do not realize is that mockery is a very powerful thing; these jokes we tell about Biden and the laughs we share are serious—deathly serious…

Paradoxically, one can say they’re no laughing matter—which is exactly why tyrants aim to suppress comedy and laughter in the first place.

The mockery is almost more important than outright non-compliance and defiance of government orders, and the mockery has reached a critical level with the Biden regime…

It has led to a complete collapse in moral authority of the current regime, and to illustrate this further ask yourself this question: is anyone actually listening to this guy at this point, does anyone actually care what he has to say?

Do you yourself listen or adhere to a shred of what he has to say, or do you give more of a damn what the ants are communicating to each other in their tiny ant hills?

People tend to get what they deserve in this world, and while we have been hard at work rebuking the current regime they are the ones handing us the ammo—we honestly couldn’t do it without their support.

Biden continued to hand us this ammo when he recently broke down and seemed to short circuit at the increasingly obvious development that Democrats will not be able to federalize the election process.

He remains fixated on “who counts the vote”—just like Stalin:

Becker News offered us some excerpts from Biden’s lates PR failure:

“Not just whether or not people get to vote,” he added. “Who counts the vote. That’s what this is about. That’s what makes this so different from anything else we’ve ever done.”

The statement came after Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona dramatically announced she would refuse to go along with changing Senate rules on the filibuster. It also came in the aftermath of a Supreme Court ruling dealing a serious blow to his federal vaccine mandate on large employers.


According to The Hill, Biden hosted Manchin and Sinema at the White House to try to sway them on ‘voting rights’:

The White House said that the meeting began at 5:30pm and lasted for over an hour. A White House official later described the discussion as a “candid and respectful exchange of views about voting rights,” without offering further details.

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