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Biden Includes $8.8 Billion in the $33 Billion Ukraine Package on Items like Countering Disinformation

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We knew from the beginning that it would be insane to trust the Bidens with billions of tax-payer dollars going to Ukraine.  There is already evidence of billion-dollar corruption related to the Bidens and the Ukraine when Obama was Vice-President. 

Why would any sane person trust the Bidens with $33 billion in Ukraine?

Joe Biden bragged about threatening to withhold a billion dollars to Ukraine when Obama was President until Ukraine removed a prosecutor investigating his son’s corruption in the country.

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The latest $33 billion check to Ukraine is exactly what was predicted.

The Conservative Treehouse writes:

The details of the Joe Biden $33 billion supplemental budget allocation have been released…

…The spending request outlines a massive amount of money for various ideological foreign policy initiatives under the guise of Ukraine relief (it isn’t).  The proposal outlines a kickback and bribery scheme.

Some of the spending includes an allocation of funds to the State Dept including funds to USAID to “provide $8.8 billion to the Department of State for economic support and assistance to the people of Ukraine and other affected countries, including direct budgetary support, as well as support for food security, democracy, anticorruption, cybersecurity, counter-disinformation, human rights, atrocity documentation, energy, and emergency infrastructure needs.” {pdf page 41}  The request specifically authorizes the transfer of these funds globally, outside of Ukraine.

Here is the text:

This is so much American cash.   It is more money than what the US spends on the open southern border each year.   The Biden regime cannot be trusted and now they want to spend US dollars on propaganda?  What is going on here? 

The Gateway Pundit

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