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Biden Handler Slips Him Note Saying Something’s on His Chin, He Appears to Wipe It Off and Eat It

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The Biden blunders continue!

In fact, the president may have just given us his grossest gaffe yet.

Upon being handed a note by one of his handlers during a Friday meeting, President Joe Biden wiped something off his chin and appeared to eat it.


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Associated Press photographer Andrew Harnick managed to capture a photo of the note handed to Biden.

It read, “Sir, there is something on your chin.”

Is this the president of the United States of America or a middle school student?

As Biden’s time in office has progressed, his social etiquette has done the opposite.

There are numerous videos of Biden touching, sniffing and even kissing young girls during his time as vice president.


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He has also lashed out at reporters on multiple occasions.

Inappropriately touching children’s faces, snapping at reporters, and now wiping what is presumably partially eaten food from his chin before eating it in front of a room full of people.

This is not the sort of behavior one would expect from a mentally competent adult.

This man needs a medical evaluation.

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