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Biden Campaigned On Reopening Schools

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Joe Biden campaigned on reopening schools and said he would have them reopened by the end of April.

It’s now the end of April and yet many schools are not reopened.

Even worse, Biden was interviewed on the Today Show this week and still would not even fully commit to reopening schools in the fall.

From Today:

President Joe Biden took a stance on the challenging topic of reopening schools amid the coronavirus pandemic in an exclusive interview with Craig Melvin that aired on TODAY Friday marking his first 100 days in office.

Because it’s unlikely that COVID-19 vaccines will be available to all school-aged children by the fall, Craig asked Biden if he believes schools should still fully open for in-person learning this upcoming academic year, even if students aren’t immunized against the virus.

“Based on science and the CDC, they should probably all be open,” Biden said. “There’s not overwhelming evidence that there’s much of a transmission among these young people.”

Watch the video below:

How much longer are parents going to put up with this?

Biden got called out for this in a recent article at Roll Call:

Biden’s inexcusable failure to reopen schools

46 percent.

When talking about the Biden administration’s first 100 days, that is the number we should be focusing on: Forty-six percent of students are receiving a full-time, in-person education. Joe Biden’s failure to deliver on the promise that schools would fully reopen by the end of April provides a window into who this president truly serves — teachers unions and liberal activists.

Gone are the days when students took precedence in education policy decisions. Democrats have endlessly preached that we must “follow the science,” but they haven’t practiced what they’ve preached in the fight to safely reopen schools. Apparently, following the science should only be applied when it is politically convenient. Right now, students are falling behind while parents make an impossible choice: go to work or supervise their child’s remote learning.

It’s way past time for schools to reopen.

Biden just won’t stand up to his supporters in the teacher unions.

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