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Biden Administration Released Thousands of Illegal Alien Criminals Into U.S., Data Shows

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Joe Biden has released thousands of illegal alien convicted criminals into the United States, according to data.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released nearly 1,400 criminals from detention into American communities.

And that’s just in the past three months.

What about for the entire year?

How much worse could things get with Title 42 going to the Supreme Court in February?

“Every day he remains in office our country becomes less safe,” Rep. Andy Biggs wrote.

“The latest Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) data reveals that from October through December 18, Biden’s DHS has released 1,363 illegal alien convicts into American communities along with more than 1,800 illegal aliens with pending criminal charges against them,” Breitbart reports.

Of the illegal alien convicts released from DHS custody, 463 bonded out, 421 were given an order of recognizance, 371 were given an order of supervision, and 108 were paroled.

In total, more than 35,000 illegal aliens were released from DHS custody into the United States interior from October through December 18. Most significantly, the agency seems to be increasing releases, as those freed from custody in the first 18 days of this month eclipse the total number of releases last month.

RJ Hauman, with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), suggested the Biden administration may be violating the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

Hauman cited this INA statue to Breitbart:

The Attorney General may release an alien described in paragraph (1) only if the Attorney General decides pursuant to section 3521 of title 18 that release of the alien from custody is necessary to provide protection to a witness, a potential witness, a person cooperating with an investigation into major criminal activity, or an immediate family member or close associate of a witness, potential witness, or person cooperating with such an investigation, and the alien satisfies the Attorney General that the alien will not pose a danger to the safety of other persons or of property and is likely to appear for any scheduled proceeding. A decision relating to such release shall take place in accordance with a procedure that considers the severity of the offense committed by the alien. [Emphasis added]

“The law explicitly requires that those who cross the border illegally be detained, but the Biden administration clearly doesn’t want to detain or deport anyone,” Hauman told Breitbart.

While the Biden administration releases illegal alien convicted criminals into American communities, the Texas National Guard deterred migrant crossings by expanding a barbwire fence in El Paso.

Texas National Guard Expands Barbwire Fence at Border, See How It Impacted Migrant Crossings

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