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Biden Administration Lied About 19 Million New Jobs; Even Chris Wallace Called Them Out

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You know you’ve really stepped in it when even Chris Wallace is calling you out.

We all know that the Biden administration is built on nothing but lies.

However, what’s surprised us is how Biden’s administration is able to tell bold-faced lies so confidently.

It would be impressive…

… if it weren’t so scary.

Specifically, in this latest example, the Biden administration is claiming that they have created 19 million new jobs.


Keep in mind that Biden hasn’t even been in office for 90 days.

And keep in mind that the economy began recovering from COVID late last year, THANKS to the leadership of President Donald Trump.

Well, even Chris Wallace called it out in a confrontation with Pete Buttigieg.

Watch below:

And don’t forget that jobs were lost during Biden’s first day in office.


Biden essentially shut down the oil industry.

Or put an oversized leash on it, anyways.

Thousands of jobs were lost with a stroke of a pen.

And here’s the thing: this shouldn’t have been a surprise.

Biden was telling us he would do this all along.

Here’s a flashback to the debates:

Well, Pete Buttigieg must be embarrassed.

He probably thought Chris Wallace was on his side.

We don’t blame him.

But according to the National Pulse, Buttigieg got called out for Biden’s lies and didn’t know how to respond:

On Day 81, “19 million jobs” became the new “$2,000 stimulus checks.”

Remember the “$2,000 stimulus checks” that then-president-elect Joe Biden said Americans would receive if they voted for Democrats in the Georgia runoff elections? Well, there’s a new whopper in town. The “19 million jobs” his $2 trillion “infrastructure” plan would supposedly create.

A new Moody’s Analytics report that’s been incorrectly cited by the Biden White House outlines a scenario where the American Jobs Plan boosts expected job creation by 2.7 million, totaling 19 million new jobs. The plan is not expected to itself “create 19 million jobs,” as Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has falsely claimed.

Corrected by Fox News’ Chris Wallace on the wild overstatement, Buttigieg admitted Sunday, “I should have been more precise… It’s part of a scenario that Moody’s says will add 19 million jobs.”

Biden, economic adviser Brian Deese, and press secretary Jen Psaki have all recently deployed the claim in various formulations that obscure that 16.3 million jobs were projected in the Moody’s Analytics study without the American Jobs Plan.

Biden said on April 2, “Independent analysis shows that if we pass this plan, the economy will create 19 million jobs—good jobs, blue-collar jobs, jobs that pay well.”

Psaki also said on April 2, “A report from Moody’s Analytics that came out yesterday afternoon projects that the economy will create 19 million jobs over the next decade if Congress passes the American Jobs Plan.”

Later, Psaki was asked, “Can you explain a little bit more about how the White House came up with that figure?” She replied, “It’s not our figure. It’s actually a figure by Moody’s.”

In the same briefing, Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh was also asked about the figure, and did not clarify what it represented.

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) said on NBC Saturday that Biden’s plan could create “tens of millions of good paying jobs.”

Other analysts haven’t given the plan such sparkling previews. An analysis from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School found that “considered together, the tax and spending provisions of the [American Jobs Plan] would increase government debt by 1.7 percent by 2031 but decrease government debt by 6.4 percent by 2050. The AJP ends up decreasing GDP by 0.8 percent in 2050.”

Hopefully this means that Chris Wallace is slowly returning to the respected reporter he once was.

It’s too early to tell, so we wouldn’t bet on it.

Apparently, Buttigieg is now attempting to walk back his lie.

But it’s too little, too late.

He has exposed himself as a puppet of the Biden administration, where truth doesn’t matter.

Compare this to Trump, who was transparent and accessible to the American people.

Politico reports that Buttigieg is now trying to take it back:

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Sunday clarified his past claim that President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan would create 19 million jobs, instead saying the hefty proposal would likely result in about 2.7 million jobs.

Asked by Fox News’ Chris Wallace about his claim last week that Biden’s jobs plan is “going to create 19 million jobs,” Buttigieg responded: “I should have been more precise.”

Buttigieg’s predictions came from a Moody’s Analytics report on Biden’s American Jobs Plan. The report estimates that without the president’s plan, the economy would create about 16.3 million jobs between the fourth quarter of 2020 and the fourth quarter of 2030. But with the plan implemented, about 19 million jobs would be created within that time frame, the report says.

“The 19 million jobs that will be created are more than the jobs that will be created if we don’t do the plan, and it’s very important to make this point. As you’ve showed us …” Buttigieg said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“Two million, not 19 million,” Wallace cut in.

“Yeah, exactly. It will create 2.7 million more jobs than if we don’t do it, and that’s very important because there are people on this network and others saying with a straight face that this would somehow reduce the number of jobs,” Buttigieg responded.

In promoting Biden’s $2 trillion package over the past week, administration officials have referenced the 19 million jobs number in their sales pitches.

White House economic adviser Brian Deese also claimed on Fox News last Sunday that the Moody’s report “suggests it would create 19 million jobs.” A White House official conceded to CNN that Deese had misspoken, while a Department of Transportation official said Buttigieg had misspoken on the number of jobs the plan would create.

Sorry, Pete.

If you’re going to speak for your boss, you should at least pretend to know what you’re talking about.

But this is typical for Democrats.

All emotional appeal.

And no facts.

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