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Biden Admin Is Selling A Piece Of 9/11 History To Indonesia

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The put America last administration is looking to sell a piece of 9/11 history.

A historic Coast Guard Cutter (sailing ship) that was used as a command and control center to help people evacuate from Lower Manhatten during the September 11th attacks could now make its way to Indonesia.

The United States Coast Guard under the direction of the Biden Administration will be giving the US Coast Guard cutter Adak to Indonesia instead of turning it into a museum.

James Judge who is petitioning to keep the vessel in the States was quoted saying “I also think it’s remarkable the Coast Guard is considering giving it to Indonesia given the fact Indonesia is plagued by radical Islam”.

Judge who is the founder of the USCGC Adak Historical Society believes the “Adak” should be turned into a museum and memorial.

The New York Post got the scoop, see what they had to share:

The Biden administration is planning to give a historic Coast Guard cutter — which oversaw the largest maritime rescue in world history on 9/11 — to Indonesia, The Post has learned, angering victims’ advocates who say the move is “callous” and disrespectful.

When some 500,000 people needed to be evacuated from Lower Manhattan on Sept. 11, 2001, the US Coast Guard cutter Adak rushed to New York Harbor from its homeport in Sandy Hook, N.J., and took over as the On Scene Commander.

Until the Coast Guard Cutter Tahoma arrived later that night, the Adak acted as a command and control center for the rescue. They coordinated the evacuation of the half a million office workers, tourists and anyone else who needed to get out of Lower Manhattan — with all bridges and tunnels shut down — by making sure any vessel in the harbor was directly providing rescue and assistance.

But just months before the 20th anniversary of the terror attacks, the US government is in talks to sell the vessel to a foreign government — instead of donating it to a nonprofit organization that wants to turn it into a museum and 9/11 memorial.

Fox News  didn’t stay silent and covered the disturbing news too:

The clock is ticking to save a historical U.S. Coast Guard cutter. In 11 days, Coast Guard Cutter Adak will be sold to Indonesia, but not if James Judge has anything to say about it.

Judge spent more than a year aboard the cutter while it was deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom. But he says its historical significance began even before it was commissioned in 1989.

“On its way to its commissioning, it saved lives,” Judge explained. “In 1994, it participated in the Operation of Able Vigil, which was the rescue of thousands of Cuban immigrants who were trying to come over here and escape communism in Cuba. The Adak helped rescue a lot of rafters.”

It was also there when hundreds of thousands were desperate to be evacuated from lower Manhattan on September 11th.

“On 9/11, the Adak was responsible for overseeing the largest water rescue in world history, when more than half a million people were evacuated by boat,” he said.

The Adak spent most of its usage rescuing people but now the Adak needs to be rescued.

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