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Bavaria Requires 3x Weekly Mandated COVID-19 Testing For Children Young as One (VIDEO)

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The nasal swabs for COVID-19 testing are abusive when used on children.

The age demographic has virtually zero statistical chance of having severe COVID-19 complications.

Yet, excruciatingly painful nasal swabs are forced upon kids.

Bavaria recently enacted a new measure that takes child abuse to another disgusting milestone.

As of January 10th, the German state requires children as young as one to undergo mandated COVID testing 3x per week.

BR 24 reported (translated):

From January, daycare children in Bavaria must be tested for Corona three times a week. The rule should apply after the Christmas holidays from January 10th and affect all children from their first birthday, as State Chancellery Chief Florian Herrmann (CSU) said after a cabinet meeting in Munich…..

Rapid test or PCR pool test possible

Accordingly, the tests can be carried out by the parents at home via a quick test; quick test certificates from official test centers are also possible. Herrmann spoke of a “test proof obligation”. Alternatively, according to Herrmann, a PCR pool test is also possible in the facility, provided this is offered by the carriers. According to the cabinet decision, in facilities with two weekly PCR pool tests, additional test evidence is required on Mondays.

According to Bavaria’s Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU), parents should continue to receive the necessary self-tests via certificates of entitlement. These can be redeemed in pharmacies. So far, the tests have been recommended for daycare children, but are not mandatory. According to the cabinet decision, the compulsory testing planned from January 10 will no longer apply to recovered and vaccinated children. explained the new rules:

From January 10, 2022, proof of a test will apply to children who are in child day-care facilities, child day-care centers or curative education day-care centers. In concrete terms, this means that from January 10, 2022, children may only enter the day-care center or day-care center if their legal guardians provide proof of a test three times a week or the person bringing the child credibly assures three times a week that the child has taken a self-test with a negative result would.


The test requirement applies to all children from the age of one until they start school. School children are regularly tested for a coronavirus infection as part of their school attendance. During the holidays, when school children only attend the after-school care center and not school, school children also need proof of a test three times a week and can, for example, carry out a self-test under supervision in the after-school care centre.

Children who have been fully vaccinated or have recovered are exempt from the test requirement.

Thus, the policy discriminates against unvaccinated children if they’re not “recovered” from COVID-19.

Bavaria’s new rules qualify as child abuse. It’s sickening that they would subject infants and young children to this sort of brutality.

While the video below is from another location, it illustrates the horrific abuse against children that we MUST STOP:


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