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AZ Democrat Calls Protection of Children with Genetic Disorders Anti-Family

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Arizona Democratic state Rep. Diego Espinoza referred to a new abortion law in the state as “anti-families, anti-woman, and anti-doctor” in a rebuke of his Republican governor.

Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey on Tuesday signed Senate Bill 1457 into law, banning the abortion of unborn children on the basis of non-life-threatening genetic abnormalities such as Downs syndrome.

“Gov. Ducey’s decision to sign SB1457 is not pro-life. It is anti-families, anti-woman, and anti-doctor. I’m disappointed to see Arizona moving in this direction, ignoring the needs and desires of doctors, women, and families for an extreme political agenda,” Espinoza tweeted Tuesday.

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The representative was responding to tweets from Ducey after he signed the bill into law.

“Every life holds immeasurable value — regardless of genetic makeup. Today I signed legislation to prioritize life in our preborn children and protect those with genetic abnormalities,” Ducey tweeted.

“Arizona remains among the top pro-life states in the nation, and my sincere thanks goes to Senator Nancy Barto for her leadership and work on this life-saving issue and to those who supported this bill.”

Do you support a ban on abortions for genetic abnormalities?

This all boils down to semantics, making the pro-life stance deeply misunderstood.

Conservatives, generally speaking, want everyone to have the right to life and liberty enshrined in the Constitution, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the womb.

By calling the law anti-family, Espinoza not only dismissed the many families who already have children with genetic disorders, but also those who are expecting children with genetic disorders yet have chosen life.

Regardless of inflammatory comments on the internet, the pro-life movement shows no signs of slowing down, especially given the major legislation signed into law this week by several other conservative governors.

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Republican Govs. Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma and Brad Little of Idaho made abortion illegal once an unborn child’s heartbeat is detected.

In Montana, Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte signed three pro-life bills into law, including one making abortions after 20 weeks illegal.

Despite intense backlash, conservative leaders continue to stand on the side of life.

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