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Airlines Might Weigh Passengers Before Flights

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Airline passengers might be required to step on the scale or divulge how much they weigh before boarding an aircraft, according to a report.

The reason for this change is because the data airlines use to measure passenger weight on board to ensure safety may be outdated with an increasing obesity rate in the U.S.

Air carriers now have to update the average passenger weight, according to the airline blog “View from the Wing,” which cited data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Under the upcoming pending requirements, airlines would have to take mandatory surveys to set “standard average passenger weights” for passengers, crew, and baggage.

As part of those surveys, passengers would be selected at random to participate in the weigh-ins, although they would be allowed to opt-out of the weigh-ins.

The FAA suggests aircraft carriers complete these surveys every 36 calendar months. The FAA guidance also noted passenger weight is kept confidential.

It is unclear when passengers may be asked to weigh in at airports or disclose their weight.

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