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ABC News Producer Arrested For Child Porn,Ties To Pedo Ring

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Another member of the Mainstream media is facing charges involving sex crimes against children.

The police finally aprehended a former ABC News producer after he went into hiding last April.

James Meek,53, resigned from his position at ABC via email just hours after the FBI raided his Virginia home last year.

The FBI agents seized several devices containig indications of child sex crimes.

There were images of children engaging in sex acts as well as ‘sexually explicit conversations’.

The sexually explicit conversations found were with people who ‘exepressed enthusiasm for the sexual abuse of children’.

Which is a roundabout way of describing a pedophile ring.

In two conversations that were uncovered, Meeks ‘received and distributed child sexual abuse materials through an internet-based messaging platform.’

After the raid Meeks went underground,staying at his mothers house about thirty minutes outside of DC,untill he was seen in late October of last year.

Meeks joined Disney-owned ABC in 2013 where he won an Emmy for a documentary on the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

In a promotional profile, that has since be scrubbed from the internet, Meeks described himself as:

“a towering 6’7″, gregarious punk rock art student-turned investigative reporter.”

At the time of the raid Meeks had been living alone for over a decade since his divorce from Jessica Lenard, 49, a former US Senate and House staffer with whom he has two teenage daughters.

Their ten-year marriage ended when she accused Meeks of cheating in 2011.

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