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80% of Women & Young Girls Raped on Journey to US-Mexican Border. Democrats Silent.

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What’s happening at the US-Mexican border is a humanitarian crisis.

But you wouldn’t know it by watching the Fake News Media.

Hundreds of unaccompanied children are crossing the border every day.

And thousands of migrants are being held by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

During the Trump presidency, the media feverishly cried “kids in cages.”

They vilified the Trump Administration for housing them in “concentration camps for kids.”

Despite the fact that the Obama Administration instituted the policy in the first place.

Now that Biden has taken office, the rampant surge of migrants is of little interest to the media.

And neither Biden or Harris seem interested in visiting the border to address the crisis.

With the massive number of women/children making the dangerous journey, it has made thousands vulnerable to cartels and sex traffickers.

Independent journalist Ben Swann released a report detailing how dangerous the journey is for women & girls.

He noted that 80% of women & girls are sexually assaulted along the way.

Here’s the report:

And the number of migrants crossing the border is expected to increase in the coming months.

Thousands more women & girls will be vulnerable to predators and sex traffickers.

And the Biden Administration won’t even acknowledge the problem.

Sadly, this may not cover the full extent of the crisis.

With 15,000 unaccompanied minors currently held in U.S. custody and the expected surge of an additional hundreds of thousands of migrants, the situation could become a catastrophe beyond comparison.

And cartels, human traffickers, and sexual predators will have more opportunities to abuse innocent people.

While the Biden Administration and Fake News Media will continue to be silent.

Trending Politics shared additional commentary:

Jen Psaki says sending children back to their country of origin is not the right choice to make. Making it known to Cartels that they can keep sending people to the border and the US will keep taking them.

Swann covered Cartels many years in the US-Mexico Border, and the notes that getting people to the Border is a big business for these cartels. He says that “the cost to bring people across the border is very high.” Swann reports that to cross the border illegally, a Mexican citizen is charged 2500 dollars by the Cartel, a citizen from a Central American country is charged 3000 to 3500 dollars, and the fee goes up to 9000 dollars if the person is coming from China or the Middle East. This is a fee per person.

With hundreds of thousands of people crossing, now more than ever given their belief they will be well received, more people are willing to pay the price, some even putting their life savings. The Cartels are raking in millions of dollars.

The children are also paying the toll, somehow. DHS estimates that there will be 117 thousand unaccompanied children that will have crossed the border by May this year. Many of them are victimized along the way. Women and girls, especially, are sexually victimized. The majority of them are coming from Central American countries like Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

According to a Fusion investigation, 80% of women and girls crossing into the US by way of Mexico, are raped along the journey. This is now up from an estimate made by Amnesty International, which put the number at 60%. Unfortunately, these numbers may not even represent the full picture, as probably a lot of these abuses go unreported.

Rape can be perpetrated by anyone along the way, this includes guides, fellow migrants, criminals along the journey, and even government officials. In fact, this is so common that many girls take contraceptives beforehand as preventative measures. Sometimes sex is used as a form of payment, when the women and girls cannot pay the bribes they encounter along the journey.

It is simply time to have immigration policies which do not incentivize people to travel here illegally. Foreigners now perceive that the general American public will take care of them once they arrive, that they happily want to welcome illegals, which opens up business for cartels and incentivizes bad behavior. Not to mention the weight it will keep putting on the American working class.

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