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23-Year-Old Police Officer Dies Suddenly After ‘Suffering Medical Emergency During Foot Pursuit’

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A 23-year-old Georgia police officer died suddenly after “suffering a medical emergency during a foot pursuit.”

Master Patrol Officer Clarence “CJ” Williams passed away due to a “duty related illness,” according to Officer Down Memorial Page.

The Cairo, Georgia officer died on January 28th, 2023.

From Officer Down Memorial Page:

Master Patrol Officer CJ Williams passed away after suffering a medical emergency during a foot pursuit.

Officer Williams was assisting a Grady County sheriff’s deputy during a traffic stop in the area of 10th Street and Robinson Avenue. The subject fled the vehicle, and the officers pursued him. During the chase, Officer Williams collapsed and was unable to be revived.

Officer Williams had served with the Cairo Police Department for two years.

The Cairo community mourned the loss of the fallen officer.

WALB reported:

Cairo City Hall, local agencies and businesses flew their flags at half-staff in honor of the fallen officer.

Law enforcement agencies, businesses, and people have also changed their Facebook profile pictures to honor Williams.

Cairo Police said that CJ was a newer officer but quickly gained respect and love from fellow officers and staff.

Brandi Marie Adkins, a Cairo resident, said CJ helped her with theater at Cairo High although he had never been involved before. CJ was also a Syrupmaker football player, wearing the number 20.

Mayor of Cairo, Booker Gainor said he just saw CJ a few days ago before taking a weekend trip to visit family.

“So to hear the situation he was in, It was definitely a shock. We are going to make sure that his legacy lives on in the city of Cairo because he died doing something he loved, something he was passionate about which was protecting the citizens of Cairo,” he said.

A GoFundMe for Williams’ family stated:

CJ graduated from Cairo High School in 2017 and was a Syrupmaker football player, number #20! Ever since then, he had his heart set on serving his community and knew his purpose was to make a difference. CJ talked about how law enforcement had a negative reputation, and he knew that it was time to step up and make a positive impact.

Needless to say, that’s exactly what he did in Cairo, GA and surrounding areas. Clarence “CJ” Williams became a sworn officer after graduating from the police academy in 2020. CJ sadly passed away in the line of duty on Saturday, January 28th, doing what he was born to do – MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

The cause of Williams’ death has yet to be disclosed.

Previously ,the Cairo Police Department posted on their Facebook page that they invited Cairo’s Mayor and a representative from a local medical center to discuss the “benefits of getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

*Image From The Gateway Pundit*

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