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15 Reasons Why The Utah County Ritualistic Abuse Case Is Legit

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Today I want to talk a little bit about the ongoing Utah County ritualistic abuse investigation. This case has been getting a lot of attention from the mainstream media lately. I follow a lot about what goes on in this case from Investigative Reporter Adam Herbets(you can find his stuff here). Adam Herbets has been a true journalist when reporting this subject. Herbets posted a tweet this morning giving 15 reasons why this case is legit and that it isn’t founded upon “baseless accusations” from what the media is saying. You can find this thread here:

In this article, I just wanted to reiterate what Adam Herbets said. I will list all the reasons he listed in this tweet as to why this case is not founded on “baseless accusations”. If you want to see the NBC article on this, you can find that here:

15 Reasons Why The Utah County Ritualistic Case Is Legit:

  1. David Leavitt is innocent until proven guilty. He is also one of the suspects in a still-active ritualistic child sex abuse case. Nobody wrote an article about his involvement until he held a press conference announcing himself as a suspect.
  2. The article headline states the accusations are “fueled by QAnon believers and GOP influencers.” I don’t see anywhere in this article that identifies an alleged victim or accuser matching this description.
  3. The 151-page report referenced in this article is one of many public records describing ritualistic sex abuse. The female victim has multiple siblings who gave similar statements. They authored reports and performed interviews with police long before QAnon existed.
  4. During his press conference, David Leavitt demonstrated he has intimate knowledge of another suspect in this case. He has previously identified the woman as an honest victim of ritualistic sex abuse. Now he refers to her as “hopelessly mentally ill.”
  5. The still-active investigation is briefly mentioned within the article, paragraph 13. Again, each of the individuals named in these reports are innocent until proven guilty. But investigators from multiple agencies are disgusted to see their work labeled as “baseless.”
  6. The article makes no mention of how David Leavitt is also under investigation by Homeland Security for human trafficking. In this video, Leavitt describes a “strategy” to obtain a Native American baby. He offers Ukrainian buffalo. Full video:
  7. The author’s news organization has possession of the video. For unknown reasons, NBC News has never published the video or acknowledged existence of the human trafficking investigation tied to that video.
  8. The article says Leavitt, a Republican, has a “liberal style of prosecution” and blames “partisan media and conservative politicians” for amplifying claims against him. Again, nobody published an article about Leavitt’s involvement until he announced himself as a suspect.
  9. Then the article labels me(Adam Herbets) as a “Fox News reporter.” I have never worked for Fox News. I work for a local news station with no right or left-leaning bias. KSTU is an affiliate owned by EW Scripps. Affiliate means we only have local FOX programming, like the Simpsons and NFL.
  10. Investigators with multiple agencies tied to the active ritualistic sex abuse case say, in broad terms, Brandy Zadrozny makes good points about the pervasiveness of conspiracy theories like QAnon. Yes, not all tips are credible. In this case, one suspect already confessed(The Therapist).
  11. “I am sorry for raping you.” This is the same suspect mentioned by David Leavitt in his press conference. Leavitt also testified during this man’s divorce proceedings. The content of that testimony is sealed.
  12. The Utah County Sheriff’s Office has received 130+ tips since announcing its investigation into ritualistic child sex abuse. Even after Leavitt named himself as a suspect, UCSO refuses to confirm or deny names. They say the majority of the 130 tips ARE credible. Some were forwarded to other agencies.
  13. David Leavitt, through his spokesperson, agreed to an interview to discuss the ongoing Homeland Security investigation into how he obtained a baby from the Northern Cheyenne Tribe in Montana. But not until after the election. We’re still waiting. It’s been nearly 3 months.
  14. In 2020, Leavitt himself was asked whether he believed ritualistic sexual abuse exists. He said yes, it certainly exists. In one example he gave, he (unknowingly?) mentioned his accuser(s) and another known suspect in the case.
  15. At the time of that 2020 interview, David Leavitt had already been under investigation by Homeland Security for several years. The video is evidence in that case.


For those who have not studied this case and want to learn more here are some links from Adam Herbets:


I will be extensively following this case as well and will be reporting my findings. You can find more of my articles here

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