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10-Year-Old Israeli Girl Gives John Oliver a Wake-Up Call After Smug Host Talks About ‘Imbalance’ in Holy Land Conflict

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The establishment media has displayed time and time again that they have little to no understanding about the conflict taking place in and around the Gaza Strip.

John Oliver was among the latest media figures to lie about Israel’s role in the conflict, but a 10-year-old Israeli girl did not let his comments go unnoticed.

In recent days — before a ceasefire agreement was reached Thursday — Palestinian terrorist groups like Hamas recklessly fired over 4,000 rockets toward Israel.

Oliver pointed out on Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight” that many of those rockets were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome system.

The implied meaning of Oliver’s segment was all too clear: Israel’s superior defense system apparently means that it should have no right to respond or defend itself with reactionary attacks.


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“It is true that militants from Palestinian groups like Hamas fired over 1,000 rockets toward Israel this week, and that is reprehensible, but … the majority of those rockets thankfully didn’t reach their targets for a very clear reason,” Oliver said on the HBO program.

“While most of the rockets aimed toward Israeli citizens this week were intercepted, Israel’s airstrikes were not. They hit their targets, including a house in a refugee camp, a building housing The Associated Press and Al Jazeera, and [a] 13-story office and apartment building.”

The reason that Israel targeted those areas was that its military had good reason to believe there were military targets inside them. Hamas has routinely hidden behind civilians in an attempt to discourage Israel from firing at them.

Should Israel be defending itself against Hamas?

Israel even sent warnings before the strikes that any non-military occupants should evacuate the buildings, effectively giving up the element of surprise in an effort to save civilians. This was still not enough for Oliver, who falsely categorized the airstrikes as “war crimes.”

“[F]or the record, destroying a civilian residence sure seems like a war crime, regardless of whether you send a courtesy ‘Heads up’ text,” he said.

In a video posted to the Twitter account of the Israeli company Walla! News, a 10-year-old Israeli girl named Renana responded directly to Oliver.

Oliver claimed that there was a “massive imbalance when it comes to the two sides’ weaponry and capabilities.” Apparently, that means Israel had no need to strike back.

Renana explained that the strength of Israel’s military does not protect normal civilians from living in fear.

“Every siren makes me cry and feel sad,” she said. “Just so you know, my army is strong; however, this does not protect me from being afraid. Since I was born, I live in fear. Since I was 6, I have been going to therapy.”


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This is a common feeling among many Israeli citizens, who are often forced to retreat to shelters to ensure their safety when Hamas fires into civilian areas.

“Israel was founded to protect the Jewish nation, and we [are] not sorry for being a strong country,” Renana said. “Our country doesn’t attack whenever it wants to. However, Hamas [has been] attacking for the last 20 years whenever they want to.”

Contrary to the establishment media narrative, Israel was not the perpetrator of the conflict. They were reacting to attacks on their own civilians, and most of those civilians would much rather the conflict ended.

What leftists do not seem to understand is that Israel’s goal is not to kill Palestinians, but rather to restore peace for their own citizens.

Israel is not evil, and its military is not intentionally stirring up conflict. Israelis simply want to live without the fear of thousands of rockets flying over their heads.

“I just want it to end,” Renana said. “I just want peace, a normal childhood for me and for all the children in Gaza.”


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